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Transformational Work  1:1

André, Witsand 2015, South Africa

become the best, authentic, most loving,  joyful version of your SELF

I work with people who have come to the end of a cycle in their lives and need to find the courage to break free from the past and take the necessary steps to reinvent themselves and experience a whole new life. A deep, heart-centered, transformation for  people who are ready to commit to  become the best possible version of themselves.

It is intimate collaboration, where we meet on a weekly basis on zoom. We establish a path which will take you to emotional, physical and spiritual growth. We work on the core aspects of personal mastery. You will develop a personal daily practice that supports your growth and you will have weekly tasks to work on.I’ll help you uncover your core values and find your true purpose in life. Then, we’ll start creating a vision for your life that is in perfect alignment with the truth inside your heart. 

Your investment in You

I give the first consultation session for free to see if we're a good fit working together, after that the minimum term is 6 sessions. From there we will take a review to see how the work is going and how we'd like to continue.

The investment in you for a 1h Session is 150$

Please contact me on whatsapp to book your free consultation session.

Whatsapp: +49 (0)162 894 7968

Much Love ......


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